Book Club

Hi everyone,

It’s been an amazing 2 months. I was thinking of a new project called ” Book Club”.

Well, here it is:

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero is our first book that I am going to review for you this week.

While enjoying my time by reading this excellent personal development book I also took some notes that can help you to enhance your vocabulary IF YOU ARE AN ENGLISH LEARNER.

Boost Up Your Speaking English

Hi everyone,

Hope you all are having an amazing week. As alwasy every thursday at 2 pm we have a new video on Amerikanca English Youtube channel.

This week we’re going to talk about a tecnique that helped me to improve my speaking english a lot. This technique is called MINI STORY TECHNIQUE and it is from the Effortless English System ( the system helped me to speak like a native or I would say sound like a native ).

Here is the pdf to show you how this technique also can work with books:

For more:


Hi everybody,

This week I will cover up the questions that hard to answer by many language learners.

  • How should I start to speak english?
  • Where to start?
  • What to talk about?

and many others.

Well, through the years ( almost 5 years has been passed since I start to learn english) I had a chance to practice on my speaking english. I didn’t wait for the chance but created on my own many times.

Well, this week I explained how I practiced on my speaking and also shared 2 tips that can help you if you dont know where to start your speaking english.

I will see you on my youtube channel.

here is the pdf that you can have find the 2 tips in more organized way:

Fear of Speaking English

Hi everybody,

Its me your friend especially if you are a language learner , I am a friend who can understand you what you are going through.

Today, I filmed a video about fear of speaking english, and shared 5 tips that how you can over come and crash that fear by tricking your mind.

Really its all about how we think and how we percieve the life!

Well, it’s in our hands that we can create awesomeness or horrendousness.

You are a Badass

With those 5 tips or I would say tricks ( I explained few of them with my own language learning story so make sure to watch the YouTube video I filmed ) you can create that awesomeness.

I designed a pdf for you guys to have more organized and visual material to use ( in case maybe you will put it on your wall).

Here how it looks:


5 Tips to Improve Your English

Hi guys,

In this video I shared the conversation I had with one of my cousin who also learning english as her 2nd language. After that conversation I realized the mistakes many language learners do ( I also did ).

Here we are

This is for you. After downloading the pdf and click somewhere to go to my channel to watch the video in more detail.

Enjoy watching



Here is the video to figure out how to use tv shows to improve your english

6 Tips to Simplify Language Learning

Hi everybody,

Recently , I have been thinking of why language learning so hard for many people and I wanted to go deep down to find the primary reason/s. Well in fundamental I realized that many of us do not consider the nature of languae learning and I created a video about it that I am sharing 6 tips to get familiar with the nature of language learning. Once You adapt those tips to your english learning / language learning logic you will get more motivated and have the resistance to feeling unmotivated when you face with an english failure.

To make the things ( 6 Tips ) more clear I also created a PDF file for you guys.

Hope both of them will be helpful.

Here is the video:


Here you can

Hi everyone,

Its almost 2021 and I am so excited to let you know that this year is the chance of learning another language. For me it is korean and I can’t wait to see the progress.

I am encouraging you to make the decision of language learning. Hope you decide right now and start!

As a little gift I designed a little pdf for you guys to print and put your wall. ( Everyday you gotta stare at it at least 1 hour to never give up )

Also whatever language you decide to learn DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE IT DOWN ON TO THE BLANK SPACE!

Then stare 🙂 🙂 🙂