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How I Learned English: Learn To Speak English Fluently in 90 Days!

Do you wonder:

How I became a fluent english speaker in 3 months?

How I learned speaking english fluently in 90 days?









Combination of all of those are my secret to speak english fluently in a short time.

In this video I wanna bring a clarification about what exactly do I mean by saying ‘’ HOW I BECAME FLUENT IN 3 MONTHS?’’ BECAUSE this is something that can cause a lot of misunderstandings.

How I Learned English with TV Series | Increase Your English Vocabulary by Using These Tips! | The Strongest Way to Practice on Your English Accent and Pronunciation

Tv Series!

Tv Shows!

are one of the greatest way to immerse into the language. It’s a fact that Watching English Tv Series is my favorite way to learn a new language, getting into a new culture and to improve my english listening skills. When I was in high school, I discovered my favorite TV Show which is White Collar. I was not really worried about to listen carefully but really focused on the content of the tv show. I really liked watching that series.

The charm and and the friendship between Tim Dekay and Matt Bomer is really got me into the series.

Long in short, there is no hesitation when I was studying english, White collar was my first choice to improve my english listening skills, pronunciation and accent.

When I was younger I used to read more than few books at a time, as my favourite activity. I was keeping the last page number I read on my mind and that was my favorite activity to strengthen my memory. When I start to use tv series to improve my english I also tried the same method.

My first approach of using tv series to learn english is all about; watching the same tv series from the beginning 3 times with turkish subtitle, english subtitle and no subtitle, respectively. So by watching the same tv shows 3 times would help me a a lot toimprove my english listening skills. But in time I realized that I feel really bored of watching the same thing.So, here where my childroon came to help.

My second approach to learn english by Tv Series is about; watching 3 different TV Series once at a time but this time, watching one of them with turkish sub, the other with english sub and finally with no subtitle ( where I tested my english listening skills ). Well, that was quite fun and firing. I consumed many different english accents at the same time, and trained my ears all along by different native english speakers. I was able to understand fast english speakers, and many other amazing improvements on my english learning journey.

P.S. I do not suggest you to use subtitle on your native language if you want to immerse yourself into your target language. IT’s fine if you are a beginner english learner but in further using subtitle in your native language will prevent you to think in english faster. You gotta immerse into yourself into your target language if you want to improve and take fast results.

Check out that video to hear more about How I Learned English by Tv Series.

How I Learned English: My Exact 3-Month Self Study Schedule for Self Learners

A year ago today, 27.08.2020, I filmed and uploaded my first show up video on youtube.

Since then, I consistently uploading on youtube once a week or twice a week ( being honest I tried that but I couldn’t handle the stress of producing 2 times in a week 🧐🧐😫😫😫).

Well, it’s the first anniversary of being exist on youtube consistently. So I do have a special gift for you, for this reason.

Okay, I have few more to say 🤓🙄🤫🤭.

My first show up video was about ” How I Learned Speaking English”,

and this video is going to be the updated version of this very same video:

How I Learned English: My Exact Perfect 3- Month Self Study Plan for Self Learners

In time I did realize that there is something missing. I kept talking ABOUT how I learned english in 3 months but



So, here I am today to share it with you

Do not miss the watching of the videos because you will be learning how to apply it to the schedule!

How To Stop Procrastinating Step by Step (6 Steps Action Plan )

You need the self-recovery and self-regulation both for your body and mind, so you can manage your emotions and interrupt the path to distraction.

Think of a natural disasters. Fire, floods,earthquake, volcano,…

They’re mostly lead to unescapable AND REALY REALY BAD consequences both on nature and on our lifes.

We see that, in order to recover what has been damaged we need to first point out what we need to fix, what we need to work on. We need to high quality of monitoring tools around.

So from this point of view

I wanna ask you a few questions:

Are you a serial procrastinator?


In this video, I will be sharing 6 tips to master in self-monitoring yourself to heal up.

  1. Start Journaling

Keeping a journal is one of the strongest way to monitor yourself, especially when it is hard to think clearly. When you write down its more likely to observe your flow of emotions. By journaling you are actually collecting bunch of data about yourself. And this is an oppurtunity to not get lost around the noise of procrastination.

There are a few nuances you need to be careful about,in order to monitor yourself effectively,

When you are journaling you need to be 100% honest about yourself. You need to write down whatever comes to your mind in order to be able to see clearly your flow of thoughts and emotions.

Also, when you write down your procrastination experience, do not forget to answer ( the following ) those questions:

– What exactly happened?

– Who was involved?

– What was the outcome?

– Is there any other same pattern experienced you have been through?

– what was the thing you have been afraid of?

You will figure out why you are procrastinating!

2. Practice and Learn How to UNSCHEDULE

If you don’t know where your time goes, unscheduling is one of the best way to know how do you spend your time.

Dr. Fiore who developed the fundamentals of this method builded this technic based on all of your committed activities but not based on what you should do at a spesific time.

So this way of monitoring yourself can help you 2 ways:

  1. You can keep track of your maximum amount of commited time and how much time left to toward your goal.
  2. You can see the bigger picture of where actually your time goes to.

Unscheduling can help you to see your potential available times to work toward your goals.

3.Double Up What You Love  

We do not enjoy, I mean as professional serial procrastinator for almost my entire, woaw I really didnt know that until  I read this book, so we do not enjoy what we do and that is why we are procrastinating. And besides when we don’t do the things we dont enjoy, we feel guilty and start to blame ourselves for no reason, so feeling bad about ourselves, whatever the task it is. Our self-confidence damaged.

What do you love?

Working out, music, learning a new language, walking, jogging, running, drawing,…

Whatever it is do more of it!

4.Reward Yourself

For every single little tasks you achieve, reward yourself with your favourite chocolate ( dont eat too much, you wouldn’t want to store extra energy that you dont need, I promise! )

As much as you reward your little or big accomplishemnts your brain is going to elicit positive emotions and you will come to a realization that your efforts worth doing it.

You only need yourself to stand against the monster called PROCRASTINATION!

All you need is right strategy and strong mind!

5. Try Out New Things

Routines are mostly good, they help a lot to stay organized. But sometimes trying out new things, like a fresh air.

After a long workout we mostly need a good strecth.

We procrastinators need that strecth more than anyone in order to grow and develop and most importantly to not get BORED!

Your creativity is going to get stimulated, who knows maybe you will promoted from a procrastinator to a creativity queen or king.

6. Repeat Who You Really Want To Be!

You are in this video because you are looking for a solution to overcoming your procrastination habit. At least I am guessing why you are here :).

You are bothered because you life is affected

You are uncomfortable because time is already out of your control

Who you wanna be?

More organized



I wanna spend some more time here

Whats your definition of success?

‘’ Success is all about proving your ability, validating that you are smart or talented’’


Thats the whole daamn point of being successful. If you cannot prove that to yourself, you are drawing blank no matter what where you are at.

You need to prove yourself that you are successful.

Here is the question:


Well, thats also my last advice for you to take action and stop procrasting.

First of all try out every single advice I have been talked earlier on this video and lastly, REPEAT!

Every day, repeat who you wanna be. Say to yourself

I am not a prrocrastinator anymore

I wont let my past experiences to hold me back from what ı wanna do

I will take action to beat the habit of procrastination

Count down every single action you take to stop prcrastinating

Count down every single  achievement to stop prcrastination no matter how big or small they are.

You need to hear out what you can do and who you wanna be to believe, to strenghen your belief in yourself.

Trust me that works!

Change is possible, though we also know that it’s not easy.

This is what happens in your brain when you learn a second language! | Neuroplasticity & Bilingualism

Do you know what happens in your brain when you learn a second language?

In this video I will be answering the following questions:

– What is neuroplasticity?

– How a second language learning can boost up your brain?

– What are the structural changes occur in your brain when your learn a new language?

– How does being bilingual affect your brain?

Informal vs Formal English: Different ways to ask “How are you?” in English

Saying “how are you?” in a conversation quite normal and never feel that you are repeting yourself.

Its really not that bad to know few more new expressions to use in daily conversations to ask “how are you?”.

In this video I will be sharing with you formal and informal ways to ask “how are you?” in english.

The Reason Why You’re Afraid of Speaking in English | Why Afraid to be Successful?


Fear of speaking english is a common problem that many english learners challenge with. To overcome the fear of speaking english you need to understand the problem in its initial phase.

I will be answering the following questions:

– Why are you afraid of speaking english?

– How did we start to procrastinate?

– Whats the main reason that we afraid of being successful?

If you wanna be a confident english speaker, if you want to practice on your speaking english but afraid then this video is for you.

How I Learned SPEAKING English by Effortless English System from zero at home as a Beginner learner?

When I speak english I get that question a lot “How did you learn English?”

So in this video I’ll be talking about how I started to learn english as a native Turkish speaker. Actually if I say how i start to learn speaking english would be much better. I hope after watching this video you will be inspired and believe that you can start to learn English by yourself.

Also: You cant reach the advanced english fluency in a short time or any other language. It takes years and thats the beauty of language learning. Its a fact that we took english classes for many years but speaking english was always the problem.

So mine!

When I start to collage, I failed the test so I had to go the language school for a year to get ready to the exam that is gonna happen at the end of the year. But things changed, my focus became something different. I decided that I wont only pass the exam but also will speak english like a native ( that was my goal! ). So thats pretty much how I start to learn how to speak english.

That how its all began :).

In this video i share how i learned english and improved my english.

Stay MOTIVATED to Keep Learning ENGLISH! | #AtomicHabits

Language learning is not a sprint but a long run, a marathon!

Language learning (english) sometimes can be overwhelming and tiresome. We might want to give up studying english. We might be under the attack of the following questions :

– Am I really gonna speak english one day?

– Am I gonna be fluent in english?

– Does really the methods I use work to learn english?

Most probably overthinking those questings are gonna make the situation and lead us to feel discouraged to keep stayed motivated to study english. Or lead us to quitting. Even you might start to blame yourself and think :

” Am I really good enough to keep up with my english study routine? ”

It’s really important to stay motivated to keep learning and studying english in order to achieve your language learning goals. You must be consistent and always in your best spot to be able to learn and speak english effectively. Motivation is the half of learning the language. If you have a problem of staying motivated and you need motivation to study english well, this video is for you. In this video I am sharing a story from the book called Atomic Habits.

Hope it will a good example to how to stay motivated to learn english.

Enjoy watching it


Real English Conversation with My American English Teacher

Hi guys,

I am sharing the interview that I had with one of my American teacher who really has a special place in my heart❤️❤️.

Well, we talked about her experience in Turkey and teaching English. We talked about some fun moments she had here and many more others.

I can say that I feel one of the luckiest student on the earth ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Other than that, this video can also help you to practice on your english listening. As an english learner since 2015, i always dreamed of speaking english fluently, so you guys. After many years later, I am really proud to share this english conversation with you guys.

Never give up and keep studying english with never ending passion.