The First Reading Calendar Release

Hi everyone,

Well, its been a year since a started to make a content for youtube ( sometimes ı didn’t ,just took a break for couple of months ). The Little Prince is one of my favourite book and ı think it is a masterpiece. When you read it you feel that how much you lost by growing up!!!

As he says:

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”

Being grown up isn’t the case actually, the case is keeping alive what do we had from childhood. The case is  being not drown into life struggles and not forget who we are in reality. The case being friend with ourselves.

Well, there is alot to say but let’s make it stop here and let you figure out what else we can say about all those. Here is your part, guys ı have been busy by making a calender for you to have  an organized planner in order to make you the follow the reading plan as your daily basis. I believe that it will be helpful in the journey of learning english. Also before ı forgot, lemme tell you , this is the first release and many will be coming soon. So only thing you need to do is reading, reading and reading again. In further, we will have also speaking sesions as well ( it needs time ). So for now let ‘s just read and get ready for the big release.

Here is the Calendar:

Amerikanca English Reading Calender ( The Little Prince )


How it looks:



You can download it ( can print and put your wall ), and just click the episode you want to read , work on it!!!

So, enjoy and lemme know 🙂



The 1st Step

For everything in life, the first step is always deciding what to do. And you gotta ask some questions:

– What?

– Why?

– How?

– When?


You gotta answer all of this. May be right away or may be while you are going through with the flow of that journey.



Well, if your decision is language learning for the answer of question ‘’What?’’ you also need to have a strong ‘’ Why?’’ in order to hold on with your learning process. For my experience, I think the most important part of an langıage learning is your ‘’ WHY’’.

 Why Do We Need ‘’WHY’’?

I think I wanna explain it with the help of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

 ‘’ Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you’ll find your treasure.’’

I personally think that language learning is something like building a new person, new perspectives, new way of perceiving the life. So for this reason I believe that when you find your why in the first case you need to interact with that langıage, by movies, songs or maybe with the native speakers of that language you wanna learn. Well, when you feel the intimacy to that language in the inner side of your left. Well you will feel your ‘’WHY?’’. Also, before I forget, of course this is not a case who learn/study a language for the exams, career or something similar to this. And still, if you wanna feel the language all the way around ı think the inner connection is the first step to find your ‘’WHY?’’ and have a strong reason to not give up when you are upset in your failed language learning attemps 🙂 .


There will be many tools, techniques on the way when you start the drive the car. And you will see many different views, sometimes open the windows and feel the breeze and just open the music and keep going with the flow.


For a life time. Learning never ends .But of course you gotta start right away. If you made your mind just listen a song or watch a movie, try to consume some and when you learn how to make it learning as a daily basis, you will just keep learning without any effort. So I think thats the question of – if you can answer – ultimate fate and peak of your learning process. If your answer is ‘’well I learn without any effort, I dont have to sit on a table and give a spesific time to learn’’. I think you mastered the journey.

As an english learner, I have a feeling that strongly affected my life which is language learning actually is the long trip, kind of safari, within myself. And so how they say :

‘’ The case is when you challenge yourself, being a friend with yourself and give a courage.’’



Since 2015…

It’s been almost 5 years and a half that ı am learning english. Well, I guess wordpress is one of the tool ı have been using to improve my writing skill and it worked really well for a long time. I wish ı didnt delete my very first posts that ı have been write in here. I regret that a lot cuz it would be a perfect oppurtunity to compare the old and new version of me as an english learner. And yaaay I am back!

Since ı start to learn english ı am doing alot of different activities to keep being an active english learner. I never study as it is a class or something but ı do learn the most powerful way which is using the language in my daily life. I created a youtube channel which is my one of the biggest plan for  the future. It’s a platform ı wanna contribute something ı have that ı am really confident about ” how to learn how can ı learn”, ” how to build the strong mind while being an active learner ”, those are pretty much ı am planning to make a content about and well if you wanna take a look at it here is the link: . I started by reading the little prince  and in further ı will be working on the content ı wanna contribute as ı mentioned above. Actually it is the rotation ı wanna  turn my channel to :). Cuz ı just wanted to start somewhere and here ı am. While doing those contents, ı am also learning another language which is Hindi (my 3rd language). Oh yeah, thats quite good way on the refreshing the diffuculties  that we can face during language learning from 0. I should be honest, the movies and the songs are the bridges with a language you want to learn. If you can catch a feeling from one of those ( movie or song ) you gotta hold onto it till you feel the all power of language learning. We will talk in more detail, dont worry :).

So for now ı think thats enough for this post. I write this so randomly to map what ı have in mind and let you know my dear reader about what ı am planning to do in near future. Hope on the way of that journey ı will meet people who has the same sort of passion about learning a language and different cultures 🙂 .